Design Catering is one of the Uk’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of commercial catering equipment. We design, manufacture, install and supply all types of commercial equipment along with full extraction systems for the growing catering industry. Regardless of the size of business, Design Catering customer base has continued to grow extensively throughout the United Kingdom and reaching far into key tourist regions of Europe.

Our reputation for high quality build, craftsmanship and reliability is second to none and stands a a testament of time shown through years of experience, technical ability and expertise. More importantly, reliabilty and consistency in delivering excellent results has placed Design Catering as the No.1 choice for many company’s catering equipment and manufacturing needs. Many leading food catering companies, restaurants, take away’s, hotels, cafes, and new businesses have chosen to use us placing their trust in our services to fully cater for and manage their various projects.

If you have any custom requirements but are unsure as to which direction to take as regards equipment and layout options, rest assured that we will collaborate with you to ensure that all our equipment is perfectly designed to meet your everyday needs. Every project is handled with absolute care and attention to detail giving you the ultimate in quality and efficiency.

All equipment manufactured by Design Catering is built to the highest quality and standards and vigorously tested and Certified by British Standards to meet their strict regulations and guidelines.

Let us help streamline your business today, talk to us and let us know your requirements, we will will be more than happy to help guide you through the process offering the best solutions and option/s for your business.

Many leading food catering companies, restaurants, take away’s, hotels, cafes and other suppliers, many of whom are household names, have used our services for their various projects.


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